O Panorama Digital: Costuras Urbanas nas Centralidades do Rio de Janeiro


This article intends to investigate the meaning of Digital Panoramas as a tool to develop an alternative reading of the urban centralities in the city of Rio de Janeiro. We assume that Digital Panorama can bring significant contributions to urban research, in three different historical layers: at the beginning of 20th century; during the 20-40’s decades, and in the current days. The strength of panoramas in urban study is particularly enhanced by interactivity. This paper aims to demonstrate new possibilities in the association of panorama’s space recognition characteristic for historical study in urban centralities.

Keywords: Panorama Digital, Multimídia, Modelos tridimensionais, História da Cidade.

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Ano do texto: 2007

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XI SIGraDi – Sociedade Ibero-americana de Gráfica Digital. O Panorama Digital: costuras urbanas nas centralidades do Rio de Janeiro.

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