Precise Uncertainty: Notes on Historical Modeling


The objective of this work is to examine the current practice in historic buildings and sites modeling, in order to suggest some possible guidelines for future implementations in the field. These implementations are meant to improve the use of digital modeling as a scientific tool for historical research and heritage presentation, focusing first on information management and then discussing representation techniques for rendering levels of accuracy, departing from the experience in LAURD/PROURB to some future research possibilities.

Keywords: 3D modeling; urban heritage; hyperdocuments.

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Ano do texto: 2018

Tags: 3D Modeling e Urban Heritage

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PARAIZO, R. C.. Precise Uncertainty: Notes on Historical Modeling. In: 25th eCAADe, 2007, Frankfurt. Predicting the Future [25th eCAADe Conference Proceedings]. Frankfurt: eCAADe / FH Wiesbaden / FH Frankfurt, 2007. v. 1. p. 367-374.

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