The Panorama of Rio de Janeiro by Victor Meirelles and Henri Langerock: Part1 – A City Memory’s Representation or a City’s Invention?

This essay is related to the research project “The immersive experience in 360°: investigation, representation and digital immersion in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the 19th and 20th centuries”, developed at PROUB in FAU-UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. This work will investigate this Panorama of Rio de Janeiro looking for memories and historical truths in its context: Which part represents a historical point of view? Which part is invention? How were the city and its landscape represented on the canvas? And specifically, were the remaining studies made from one single point of view? This is the most well-known Rio de Janeiro’s panorama, which project was idealized by the Brazilian
painter Victor Meirelles de Lima (1832-1903) with the Belgian photo-painter Henri Charles Langerock (1830-1915). The Panorama was exhibited in Brussels 1888, Paris 1889, and Rio de Janeiro 1891-1896, with great recognition in all these cities. This paper will investigate this Panorama, its initial studies, its landscape and the architecture depicted, newspapers descriptions of its exhibitions, and mainly, distinguishing among memories, historical truths and verisimilitudes. In order to achieve this, digital and analogical systems of representations, sketches and computer graphics techniques will be established, specially, tridimensional models will be developed and applied.

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Ano do texto: 2018

Tags: Bases for Immersive experiences, Henri Langerock, History, Panorama of Rio de Janeiro, e Victor Meirelles

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SOUZA, L. T.. The Panorama of Rio de Janeiro by Victor Meirelles and Henri Langerock: Part 1 ? A City Memory?s Representation or a City?s Invention?. IPCJ – International Panorama Council Journal, v. 2, p. 14-23, 2018.

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